DYNAZTY and the ‘Final Advent’

There are plenty of reasons why musicians succeed in getting the optimum out of their creative talent. In the case of the Swedish melodic metal act Dynazty and their latest album ‘Final Advent,’ the extra time forced upon them by the pandemic may have been one important factor, but it would be short-sighted to attribute their impressive new material solely to the time they had to write, record and produce their new offering. At the end of the day, what we have here is an ambitious band who have invested all their talent and experience, combined with heaps of enthusiasm, ambition and compositional/musical expertise. With a clear goal in mind, as singer Nils Molin admits: “We decided to come up with the most cohesive and definitive album and version of ourselves yet. Game plan: no fillers, all killers.” In view of the brilliant result, the verdict is clear: Goal achieved, full on target! ‘Final Advent’ is the most imaginative, complex and at the same time homogeneous album to date in Dynazty’s 15-year career. Their new masterpiece will be out on 26 August. Fans of the genre should definitely mark the date in their diaries!
However, even without a reminder, we’re all more than likely to keep an eye on the album’s release date since Dynazty have started to present some initial gems from ‘Final Advent’ to their fans. The songs ‘Power of Will,’ ‘Advent’ and ‘Yours’ (including videos) can already be seen and heard on YouTube, in addition, more numbers will be released before the album’s arrival, again supported by outstanding video clips. “‘Power of Will’ was one of the first songs we wrote for the album and it immediately mapped the route for the rest of the material. In my opinion the result is our most intense album so far and doubtlessly features some of the strongest songs we’ve ever written,” Molin says with pride. ‘Final Advent’ presents him and his four comrades-in-arms, guitarists Love Magnusson and Mikael Lavér, bassist Jonathan Olsson and drummer Georg Härnsten Egg, as a musically tight unit, delivering first-rate material right down to the very last detail. Molin agrees: “The performances by the whole band are definitely next level. I couldn’t be happier with the result! ‘Final Advent’ is the ultimate form, the ultimate version of Dynazty.”
The same can be said of the lyrics on ‘Final Advent,’ which easily keep up with the rest of the album’s excellent compositional standard. Molin: “Each song has very individual lyrics. Some are short stories within a short song structure, such as ‘All the Devils Are Here,’ ‘Yours,’ ‘Heart of Darkness’ and ‘Achilles Heel,’ whereas ‘Power of Will,’ ‘Advent,’ ‘Natural Born Killer’ and ‘Power of Now’ have a message. ‘Natural Born Killer,’ for example, warns of the dangers of blindly obsessing about and idealizing another person. And ‘Power of Now’ is about the importance of viewing life as one long journey and cherishing fleeting moments throughout.” The story of ‘The White’, the third and final part of a trilogy that consists of songs on this and the two previous albums, starting with ‘The Grey’ on ‘Firesign’ (2018) and ‘The Black’ on ‘The Dark Delight’ (2020), is another highlight.
‘Final Advent’ was produced by the band themselves and primarily recorded in Love Magnusson`s studio in Stockholm, drums were recorded in Denmark at the Hansen Studios (owned by sound icon Jacob Hansen, who also mixed and mastered the album). The cover artwork was designed by Brazilian Gustavo Sazes, who has also worked for British Lion (feat. Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris), Kamelot, Firewind, Iced Earth and Nils Molin’s second band, Amaranthe. Molin: “It’s meant to be ambiguous, just like the album title ‘Final Advent.’ Advent means the arrival of an important thing or person.”
Molin could also have had himself and his bandmates in mind with that arrival because Dynazty will be on the road again as early as April 2022, to be followed by festival appearances in the summer. And there will definitely be more to come!

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