DYNAZTY Send A ‘Fire Sign’

If you consider who is on the list of “Pioneering Bands of Hard Sounds” you cannot help wondering what the
Scandinavians mix into their mother´s milk, but the musicians from the north of Europe seemingly occupy two
thirds off this ranking. And also DYNAZTY from Stockholm are no exception. Formed 2007 by guitarists Love
Magnusson and John Berg, bass player Joel Appelgren and drummer George Egg in the swedish capital, in 2008
comes together what belongs together. After a line-up change extraordinaire singer Nils Molin perfects the
five-piece, which gainded a cult following and the critical acclaim with its epic melodic heavy metal, five great
albums and any number of shows. The band started out with their 2009 debut “Bring the Thunder,” where bands
like DOKKEN serves as a model and which was a decent result. On every further release the Swedes add a pinch of
hardness, but also have innovative influences and don´t loose sight to their catchy melodies, which sometimes
nearly immagine popappeal. After “Titanic Mass,” which is a chunk of an album and is produced by Peter
Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN), therefore the successor “Firesign” is the only logical step in the evolution of
DYNATZY, if the next goal is entering the Rockthrone.
The sixth album, which will be released in autumn of 2018 at AFM Records, is, according to the band’s plan,
getting away from the total brickwall, trying to sound slightly more organic, both production and songwriting
wise. It is limited to the essentials, what means in this case: the perfect symbiosis of melody, heavyness and
diversity. The fact that this plan could work, DYNAZTY pass flying colours and with their first Single “Breathe
With Me,” which is also the opener for “Firesign.” Guitarriffs like machinegunfire, fast and snappy as a shark,
meets Nolins eminent voice, which makes you, in combination with these orchestral keyboardsound and catchy
backgroundchorus definitely crying for more. So another Hoeur D´Oeuvre follows at August 24, 2018 with the
second single release and the official video “The Grey.” This high-energy mix of almost insane joy of playing and
perfection, coupled with the extraordinary vocals, proves how eclectic this band is. If you haven´t put these guys
on your list, catch up as soon as possible. With “Firesign” DYNAZTY brings a bunch of hits to the party and
definitely put themselves forward as worthy candidates for the top places in the Big League of Melodic Metal.
Producer Thomas “Plec” Johansson did a very good job with the recordings, as well as Peter Tätgren who is
responsible for the mixing together with Jonas Kjellgren.
Frontman Nils says:

“Even though it is quite the cliche for a band to herald about their new album being the best
thing since sliced bread, I simply can’t resist doing the same here!
FIRESIGN is our most creative, dynamic and inspired album yet. Simply our strongest effort so far! Bring on
September 28th!”

From this date on the rest of the world can also convince themselves that DYNAZTY haven´t bitten off more than
they can chew, and “Firesign” is a powerful, charming daredevil, that will be hard to get out of the way.

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