Dynazty – The Dark Delight

Okay, let’s ride on with one more band of this Hard Rock wave with Dynazty ‘The Dark Delight,” a band that represents very well this new wave of Hard Rock bands with a pretty modern approach. This modern approach can be felt from the beginning with “Presence of Mind” featuring lots of electronic effects that almost make Dynazty a modern Metal band. Maybe the band is trying go further with their intent of mixing classic Hard Rock with modern influences. On second thought, the groove of the track is pretty cool, isn’t it?

Besides all the modern features that follow the band, Dynazty still get the good old tradition of having great musicians. ‘The Dark Delight” is a hell of well-played album with some jawbreaking moments as the main guitar riffing in “Paradise of the Archictec” which combines a modern – now, with a good meaning – approach of tha classical music tradition and Symphonic Power Metal. One of the good things of ‘The Dark Delight” is that Dynazty combine various influences of other Metal subgenres. I guess that’s why the band has such a good reputation even among fans. Therefore it’s impossible to say that the band is more for the same. I would be lying to you my reader if I said that. It’s got to have balls to do what the band does.

‘The Dark Delight” shows a band that has reached its musical maturity. All twelve tracks are somewhat different in many ways though having a hidden features that unites all them. No matter which track the fan chooses, he will notice it is Dynazty. That’s a sign that the band really knows what they want. Personality is a very hard thing to get these days, if you ask me. Take “From Sound to Silence,” for instance with its modern Metal duo vocals. We ought to respect a band that tries so hard to reach different moods and sounds. Of course, as the tradition says, there is the power ballad which is called “Hologram.” 

Dynazty are the weird combination of a Hard Rock band with a Symphonic Modern Power Metal one. Got it? I didn’t, but whatever…

Dynazty ‘The Dark Delight” will be released on April 03rd via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Presence Of Mind
  2. Paradise of the Architect
  3. The Black
  4. From Sound to Silence (Feat. GG6)
  5. Hologram
  6. Heartless Madness
  7. Waterfall
  8. Threading the Needle
  9. The Man and the Elements
  10. Apex
  11. The Road to Redemption
  12. The Dark Delight
  13. The Shoulder Devil

Watch “Presence of Mind” official music video here: