DYSTOPIA A.D. Wrote the ‘Doomsday Psalm’

Progressive death metal act DYSTOPIA A.D. return with their brutal new album “Doomsday Psalm.” Manifesting a demonic sound, DYSTOPIA A.D. deliver fantastical storytelling alongside cautionary allegories of uniting for the sake of survival, the climate crisis, and regret of having only laboured and not truly lived.

Following the success of their 2020 EP “Rise of the Merciless,” the New Jersey based heavy duo formed in 2017 and continue to evolve, pushing their creativity even further with each new release. Immersing into a darkening realms, “Imperial Dawn” initiates the proceedings bringing a progressive arrangement to their ludicrously heavy instrumentation. Texturally, DYSTOPIA A.D. entwine a variety of distorted guitar tones with the thundering percussion hits and savage harsh vocals. Interspersed with lighter instrument textures at varying intervals throughout the album, including brass outro in “Force-Fed Soma,” the duo leave no inspiration source off limits in their strive to create a compelling record. “Lost Shores” brings a ballad style interlude to “Doomsday Psalm” evoking an atmospheric, serene mood amidst the surrounding murky gloom. “Howl of the Barghest” draws the album to a close with an introduction of folk percussion and soaring guitar leads before unleashing an melodic death assault.

“Doomsday Psalm” ventures on a journey through enthralling sounds and poignant concepts. Built up from a fierce foundation set in melodic death, DYSTOPIA A.D. use progressive elements and draw from an array of genres to heighten the impact of their music. “Doomsday Psalm” is an brings relentless power and attack, with emotion and understanding.

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