Dystopia A.D. – Rise of the Merciless

That’s what I’m talking about!

That’s how to mix and combine Extreme Metal features with more technical stuff and even some jazzy and avantgarde things.

“Rise of the Merciless” is a mess in the good way. Dystopia A.D. show no shame in combining the most outrageus influences and music into their music. The outcome? The outcome is also outrageus and preposterous – in the good way as well. Even PostModernAlternativeWhattheHell influences get palatable as in “Grave Pact,” the last, but not the least track of the album. The only problem I see here with “Rise of the Merciless” is that it is too short. Only six tracks with the usual four-minute average.

“Red Sand” gives right away the main idea of Dystopia A.D. which is bring into their music excentric influences. This song has some out of the tone sequences that call the eye of the fan. The band uses a very crteative and smart solution to add all those to their songs that is insert them in the middle of anything without any further notice. It does work, if you ask me. Following track “Normad” explores better this idea with the sudden and unexpected insertion of out-of-the-regular ideias. The chanting that starts by the fourth minute and goes until the end sticks to the fan’s mind. Title track “Rise of the Merciless” starts with some tunes that come from 1960s Surf Music, that is that guitar reverb. Then, the track acquires a very common 1990s Heavy Metal mood. There is another plot twist in this song which makes it acquires an acoustic and even folky atmosphere. All that in only one song. Yeah, my child of the night, do not expect easy or usual solutions from Dystopia A.D.. That’s really not their business.

Now here goes my advise: listen “Rise of the Merciless” with an open mind spirit. It’ll help a lot diggesting the ideas Dystopia A.D. put in it. From where I’m standing I love this kind of subvertion. It always something bold to do because sometimes the outcome is just an unrecognizable mass of sound that no one can listen, nor the musicians. I praise when a band tries it and achieve sucess. I know it’s not that easy.

Dystopia A.D. “Rise of the Merciless” will be released on July 31st.

Track Listing:

  1. Red Sand

  2. Nomad

  3. Plaguebringers

  4. Rise of the Merciless

  5. Sisyphean Existence

  6. Grave Pact

Watch “Sisyphean Existence” official video here: