DYSTOPOLIS Distill Their ‘V. EN.O.M.’

DYSTOPOLIS were founded in 2008. With ‘V.EN.O.M,’ the band around singer Andreas Müller now releases its label debut – following two self-released albums. The first question emerges directly by the title and his unusual spelling. “V.EN.O.M.” stands for “Vicious Enemy Of Mankind,” which should make it immediately clear that DYSTOPOLIS are not your cliche “unicorn and castles” metal band. Rather, all band members share a common passion for melodic and dark Heavy Metal, as well as an enthusiasm for end-time stories like Mad Max, Blade Runner or Matrix. The desire to create a special band concept that should go beyond the usual writing and playing of songs came up. Thus the fictitious place Dystopolis (dystopia = end time, polis = city) was born, which represents the conceptual basis of all songs of the band. The musicians of DYSTOPOLIS see themselves as voices and bards of a city at the end of human existence. They tell stories that take place in Dystopolis, events of a post-nuclear, criminal and tyrannical world. The spectrum of DYSTOPOLIS ranges from hymnic midtempo tracks and oppressive ballads to heavy double bass smashers. “V.EN.O.M.” was produced by Seeb Levermann (Orden Ogan, Brainstorm), who provided DYSTOPOLIS‘ multi-faceted, edgy and yet melodic metal with a transparent and powerful sound. Behind the self-created moniker “Postapocalyptic Metal,” a high-class and interesting mix can be found, which fans of bands like Iced Earth, Nevermore and Blind Guardian will embrace dearly.

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