Dystopolis – V.EN.O.M.

You, my loyal reeder, know that I have little care about band’s names and album titles, but you do know that they really can deceive you. When I received this Dystopolis “Venom” I took a look at the album cover and thought that it would be some Industrial, or maybe, Thrash Metal band. The name Dystopolis led me to this conclusion. You know what? I was flat wrong. The very first notes of “Black Gates” made me change my mind. Dystopolis and “Venom” are a solid Power Metal act with some features of symphonic and epic sonance. “Black Gates” tells us that Dystopolis chose wisely the opening track. First tracks are invitation cards to albums and none could be better that “Black Gates” showing exactly what to expect from “V.EN.O.M.” and the complex song structure there is in it.

When you write a review of a band that isn’t that famous, you have to look for details in their music that stand them out of the crowd. That’s a technique, and a rule, I follow strictly. There are bands that take me longer to get them, but others as Dystopolis, are very easy. Vocalist Andreas Müller is the responsable for it due to his vocal abilities. He is completely aware of the capabilities and limits of his voice, a near tenor one. So, aware of this he plays with it largely. In “Dining with the Gods” he does that kind of voice that sounds almost like a mockery of so imposed it is, but it isn’t. Andreas tanges it all along “V.ENO.M.” to give it his personal touch.

But are Dystopolis only the voice?  No, my child of the night. Dystopolis are a solid band with an interesting instrumental intent with moments of grand and epic playing. The nearest band I can recall now with a similar sound is Blind Guardian.

“V.ENO.M.” is a varied album with lots of moments. Tracks like “The Corporation” take us straight ahead to the late 1980’s classics when bands used to have albums with lots of variation.

Dystopolis  “V.ENO.M.” was released on November 23rd via Ram It Down Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Black Gates
  2. Lords of Sand
  3. Metro
  4. Dining with Gods
  5. The Corporation
  6. Noah’s Isle
  7. Arndale
  8. Anthem for a Stalker
  9. Beneath a Black Horizon
  10. Dystopolis Rising

Watch “Lords of Sand” official video here: