Dysylumn – Conceptarium

a2592235316_10 Melodic death metal is by far the sub-genre of metal that I listen to the most and have heard many, many bands try to create a unique sound out of something that has been done a thousand times before them, and most of the time I love what I come across. But sadly that’s not always the case, and it is with happiness that I can say that today is not one of those days as Dysylumn has created a very nice album with their newest release, “Conceptarium”. While this isn’t the most intense melo-death I’ve heard before, it is definitely nothing to scoff at as sometimes they will incorporate some atmospheric elements into the mix and create a unique overtone to whatever track is playing which makes it feel like something more than if it were just plain melo-death. The vocals had a very nice deep growl to them, the guitars had a pace that seemed electric in nature alongside the awesome pace of the drums, and the bass had a great crunch to it that really helped this “Conceptarium” feel plenty more brutal. And while I cannot say this album is phenomenal, it without a doubt shows that the wheels have starting turning in the brains of the members of Dysylumn as “Conceptarium” is proof that they are on the cusp of making something unique, they have just yet to find the pieces and put them in place.

Stream “Conceptarium” in full on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Vide Spatial
  2. Cauchemar
  3. Esclave Céleste
  4. Conceptarium pt. I
  5. Conceptarium pt. II
  6. Agonie
  7. Réveil
  8. Voyage Astral
  9. Nébuleuse