EARTH ROT Stream Entire Upcoming Album, ‘Black Tides of Obscurity’

Earth Rot

Australian blackened death metal outfit EARTH ROT are now streaming their entire upcoming opus Black Tides of Obscurity in advance of the release date. The album drops tomorrow March 6, but can already be listened in full below.

EARTH ROT comments: “Black Tides Of Obscurity is the sum total of all our efforts over the course of a year. We took an even greater hands on approach on this album to try and capture the sound in our heads and we’re very pleased that we’ve found an even greater depth of savagery compared to anything we’ve released previously.”

Black Tides Of Obscurity track listing:

1. Dread Rebirth (5:57)
2. New Horns (4:14)
3. Towards A Godless Shrine (5:39)
4. Unparalleled Gateways To Higher Obliteration (5:16)
5. Ancestral Vengeance (4:21)
6. The Cape Of Storms (4:03)
7. Serpent’s Ocean (4:31)
8. Mind Killer (3:29)
9. Unravelling Vapour Of Sanity (5:14)
10. Out In The Cold (2:43)

Earth Rot Black Tides Of Obscurity