Earthwomb – Becoming Immanence Review

Metal music was initially known for all the rage and rebellion crystalized into a veru noisy music. Early Metal musicians managed to transform into music all the feelings of wrath, illusion, deception, and mostly rage. The outcome is the music we’ve all been loving for more than 50 years. First of all, I have to add that Metal music has the mandatory reason to shock and assault with both vocals and instrumentals. Remember, Metal music is here to shock and to assault not only musically but also with the image and atittude. Recently, I noticed that despite all this rich tradition bands have been changing their subjects a little. Despair, and most of all, hopelessness are the feelings that heavy bands have been adding to their miriad of feelings and themes. I guess to put despair and hopelessness into the music is a more difficult task than wrath and rage.

Listening to Earthwomb “Becoming Immanence” made me reflect about all this. The album starts a bit ethereal with the cosmic driven “Cosmic Revelation” – no, it’s not a pun. The feeling I got after listening to so many Metal efforts is that at some given time all hell will break loose. And that’s what actually happens when “Fractal Phenomenon” comes. The track strats with the gun of machine gun drumming that all Extreme Metal fans cherish. Guitars follow the destructive and devastating mood Earthwomb created. The instrumental goes in an old school track and vocals seem to go in the same direction. However, after some instants vocals acquire the aforementioned feeling of despair and hopelessness that many Extreme Metal bands are impressing into their music. Instrumentals, then, go in this very same direction. The feeling is that there is nowhere to run. I guess that explains better an album like “Becoming Immanence” due to the cruel spanking the band gives to its music. Earthwomb make no concession and with no feeling of mercy is felt during the album. The feeling is to have a truckload of rocks pressuring inside your head.

“Becoming Immanence” is cruel and vicious. Some tracks are really long and doomish, but the feeling it gets is that the band uses the shoegazing and however slow moods to be the cruelest. The in the album music is raw, but this raw doesn’t apply to the musicianship. It applies to the feelings all tracks pass to the fan. Anguish is what the fan gets after listening to all seven tracks of this “Becoming Immanence” EP.

With “Becoming Immanence” I get that Extreme Metal bands are going beyond the shy limits of this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet to enter into the cosmic chaos and havoc. The sense of the album is to be outworldly and space and time connected with the forces of the pandemonium all over.

Earthwomb “Becoming Immanence” was released Independently on October 7th.

Track Listing:

  1. Cosmic Revelation
  2. Fractal Phenomenon
  3. Walkscapes
  4. Trespassing the Paragons of Consciousness
  5. The Gathering
  6. Ulterior Revelation
  7. Vital Flux

Watch “The Gathering” official video here: