EDDIE TRUNK On STEEL PANTHER: ‘They’re Still A Parody, A Spoof, On ’80s Rock.’

Radio host Eddie Trunk was asked on the bands he would never believe to be big. His answer may surprise you.

“A band that got huge that I never thought would get huge? I don’t know, that’s a tough one…

“It amazes me – the amount of shows and attention… They’ve gotten huge in England, but in America, they’re still basically a House of Blues-level band, but it always amazed me how popular Steel Panther got from what they started out as, which was a band called Metal School.

“They’re still a parody, a spoof, on ’80s rock. I think there’s a segment of their fanbase that isn’t even in on the joke, that is younger.

“What really amazed me is how huge they got in England, where they can play arenas, which is incredible! So a parody sort of band like that, it amazed me they got as successful as they have. It probably, if you ask them, amazed them too.”

Last year, he also said to Metal Sludge:

“I have nothing personal against anybody in the band. They are good people, they are good players and all that. But it’s a spoof. It’s an act. It’s mocking 80’s hard rock.

“There is a segment of their audience which beyond all comprehension does not get that it’s a goof. What they’re doing is a spoof, it is a parody act. It is a comedy act. Don’t believe that? First of all, I don’t know, maybe you are under a rock.

“My time and energy are going to be invested into the bands from that era, that are still trying to make new, credible, real music. …

The bass player [Lexxi Foxx] litterally applies makeup while the show is happening. His hands aren’t even on the bass. Cause I guess they are running a track or something.

And people think that’s like, when I say it’s a goof, that it’s like some sort of slander to the band. It’s like, what are you talking about? Of course it is.”