EDDIE VEDDER Does Anti-Trump Standup Comedy During PEARL JAM Gig: ‘I’d Call TRUMP A C*nt, But He Lacks Depth And Warmth’

During PEARL JAM‘s recent show in London, UK, singer Eddie Vedder performed a brief standup comedy act, once again making fun of US President Donald Trump. You can check out his jokes below or watch the whole thing in the video below..

“God save the Queen from the rotten tangerine.

“Make empathy great again.

“Trump is as welcome as a third-place World Cup playoff.

“Too many tweets make a tw*t.

“I’d call Trump a c*nt, but he lacks depth and warmth.

“All in all, you’re just another prick with no wall.

“But perhaps the most important: a girl’s place is in the resistance. So, women of the world, please take over.”