EDDIE VEDDER Ejects Female Fan From Recent PEARL JAM Concert (Video)

Eddie Vedder

During PEARL JAM‘s concert in Zurich, Switzerland, on June 23, band’s frontman Eddie Vedder ejected one female fan.

While performing the song “Animal,” Vedder sees a woman allegedly hitting a concertgoer in the head after she seemingly gets frustrated with him filming the show.

Vedder pauses the song and addresses to the concertgoer: “Turn the lights on, please. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey — I saw the whole thing, I know, it was annoying you. You were bummed out ’cause he was filming the whole time. Has it been the whole show or just now? Just now when I came over? Was it the whole time? Yeah, you’re filming everyone.”

“The thing is, I know it upset you, but you can’t f*ckin’ hit him in the back of head either, even though you’re a woman. I appreciate the fact that you can be strong. Quit hitting him — you’re out of here. Violence is not allowed, I’m sorry ma’am. There’s no violence allowed. You could’ve waved to me, I was lookin’ right at you. Sorry about that, it’s just not cool, we’re not hittin’ people here. Sorry.”

Video footage from the incident can be seen below.