Edenbridge – The Great Momentum

Audacious, sassy, daring, and fierceful! That’s Edenbridge’s “The Great Momentum”! It was worthy the long wait. Edenbridge, as usual, did a great job to amaze and surprise us. There a great deal of emphasis on classical structures and textures, but Lanvall, the wizard, had the feeling of keeping the guitars high and heavy, heavier than before. Guitar tones are deeper, which reinforce their heavyness and power. And that’s what makes the real difference. One can never forget that we’re talking about metal here. And what to say about Sabine’s angelical and velvet voice? Listen to “Until The End Of Time” and tell me. She’s singing even better.

And what about the songs? I can say they are very well thought, product of the four-year hiatus between “The Bonding” and “The Great Momentum”. The opening song “Shiantara” is one of the highlights. Good choice. In “The Visitor” Edenbridge show how organic their musical playing is. All instrumental passages, guitar riff and solos, the drumming are part of only one big thing. There are some songs that are more Edenbridge’s conventionals as “Return To Grace” and “Only a Whiff Of Life”. No surprises, but that’s good. They please hardcore old fans. The symphonics reaches its peak in “The Greatest Gift Of All”. There you can find all the grandiosity that Lanvall imagined for his band. But it’s not a soft song at all as one can figure. The same Edenbridge’s organic musical playing is present. It’s a twelve minute trip with all kinds of guitar tones. Not to mention Sabine’s charming german accent in “A Turnaround In Art”. Well, in my opinion any accent is charming in a lady’s voice. Don’t you agree?

Track Listing:

  1. Shiantara
  2. The Die Is Not Cast
  3. The Moment Is Now
  4. Until The End Of Time
  5. The Visitor
  6. Return To Grace
  7. Only a Whiff Of Life
  8. A Turnaround In Art
  9. The Greatest Gift Of All

You can watch the official video for  here: