EDSEL DOPE Responds To ROBB FLYNN’s ‘Who The F*ck Listens To DOPE’? Question

Machine Head Dope

Earlier this week, MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn discussed the lyrical similarity between his band’s new song “Do Or Die”, which features the line “Die, Motherf*cker, Die,” and DOPE‘s 2001 song “Die MF Die.”

In the same post, he finished asking the question, “Who the f*ck listens to DOPE!!??”

A day later, Flynn also shared an Instagram photo of a fan who showed up to a MACHINE HEAD meet-and-greet wearing a DOPE t-shirt. He posted the following caption: “This was funny… today’s meet & greet. I asked her to name a song… she couldn’t”

Now, DOPE frontman Edsel Dope took to social media posting the following message as a response to Flynn: “Yesterday, Robb Flynn took to Instagram to publicly asked the question ‘Who the f*ck listens to DOPE?’ Then today, he fired another shot at our band by posting a photo of himself, posing with a fan who was wearing a DOPE shirt, with an unflattering caption.

“As a grown-a—s man, I feel slightly obligated to acknowledge these 2 separate shots.

“Truth is, I like MACHINE HEAD. Killer band, big f*cking draw!! If the two bands ever share the stage again, DOPE would undoubtedly go on before MACHINE HEAD. Much respect!

“That’s not the question. The question was: ‘Who the f*ck listens to DOPE?’ Well, Robb, with Spotify being the place where the majority of the listeners go these days, the answer to your question is actually quantifiable.

“Check it out.

DOPE monthly listeners on Spotify: 1,238,355
MACHINE HEAD monthly listeners on Spotify: 1,208,667

“Pretty f*cking close, brother.

“Only about 30,000 plays separate our two bands from month to month, so it’s quite fair to say that a lot of ‘mother f*ckers’ are listening to both MACHINE HEAD and DOPE on Spotify. Slightly more for DOPE, but I digress…

“I guess it would also be fair to mention that the DOPE song that everyone, including Robb is now talking about, ‘Die Mother F*cker Die’ has about 30 million more plays on Spotify than any song that Robb has actually written or released.

“I’m not talking sh*t! That’s not who I am.

“I really don’t have anything negative to say about Robb. These are just the facts.

“We never said that the new MACHINE HEAD song was derivative of DOPE‘s ‘Die Mother F*cker Die’. Actually, we never said sh*t!!

“I don’t own the phrase ‘Die Mother F*cker Die’. It is a commonly used arrangement of ignorant words that will continue to be recycled for years to come. Have at it, bro!

“In the end, I can’t help that people associate the phrase with DOPE. DOPE‘s ‘Die Mother F*cker Die’ has been around for almost 20 years and it has racked up more than 60 million plays on Spotify. The U.S. military adopted the song into training and tactical drills, so any soldier under the age of 40 is familiar with our jam, especially if they served in Iraq.

“It is what it is and DOPE certainly didn’t instigate this nonsense.

DOPE is on tour, in Vienna and we weren’t even aware that MACHINE HEAD put out a new song until my phone started blowing up from people sharing Robb‘s Instagram rant, which unmistakably and unnecessarily singled DOPE out at the end.

“I wasn’t even gonna address it. Then he came at us again today. It’s just silly. I’ve always had respect for Robb. He is a prolific artist and he says what he feels. I respect that. However, I’m not really sure what he hoped to accomplish by calling out DOPE, not once but twice in the last couple days.

“In closing, I hope that I’ve answered his question and I further hope that we’ve heard the last of this ‘Die Mother F*cker Die’ high school drama.”