Unbelievable Effects of Heavy Metal Music on Student’s Brain Activity

Heavy Metal Guitarist

College is supposed to help us develop a healthier lifestyle and teach us about the cons of engaging in damaging activities. Unfortunately, it is college stress that makes us engage in those behaviors in the first place.

Let’s take music for example. We’ve been taught that listening to music while studying is okay as long as the lyrics do not distract us from the content. And so, many of us turned on classical music or EDM and studied better. However, some of us found listening to lyrics-free heavy metal motivational. And so, to get better grades and improve our performance, we did it. For four years of college, heavy metal was our grade booster.

And now, research comes in to question this claim. Studies are now showing that listening to classical music could actually be damaging to our health. Students might experience adverse effects from it. Heavy metal might not be the way to go.

While this is still unbelievable to me after four years of college, let’s see what science has to say about the effects of heavy metal music on student’s brain activity.

Could heavy metal music make students angry?

While it would be possible for students to get angry while listening to heavy metal music, there is no research that supports this claim. I couldn’t find one piece of a scientific article suggesting that there could be a causal effect between heavy metal music and anger.

On the contrary, it’s been shown that heavy metal can help students cope with stress during difficult times. College can be tough, and anger can quickly accumulate. Heavy metal could help students release this anger. An angry headbanging does not promote violence but serves as a cathartic process for many of us.

Could heavy metal modify students’ ability to finish their Personal Statement Writing?

Heavy metal is not for everybody. While some students might find it irritating, others might find it exciting- it really depends on how you look at it.

Heavy metal came to public attention during the rebellious era, when pacifists were not yet trending. Instead, a state of anarchy prevailed, when people were asking for their autonomous rights; but more importantly, they were asking for their freedom rights and disregarded authority.

If heavy metal music ends up distracting you while doing homework, don’t play it. Find other music channels that fit your needs. If you are distracted, you could end up not finishing your work on time. If you’re late, any personal statement writer service offers help online, so you could reach out to any writer.

Working for a personal statement writing service, they’ll be quick to reply, and will finish your plagiarism-free paper in due time.

Heavy metal might indeed affect students and “irritate them” – but that’s only because, in today’s world, we’re not used to being truly free. We like to obey and shake hands with Evil. On a more positive note, even if heavy metal does irritate students, it does not affect them negatively under any circumstances. If any, it only raises questions that should be asked more frequently and boosts their motivation to write faster.

Could heavy metal music negatively affect students’ health?

As seen above, heavy metal music does not seem to have a negative effect on students’ brains. Research suggests that listening to this type of music can make you feel part of a larger community and could decrease your anxiety as a result. Studies are also showing that listening to heavy metal music can have a beneficial impact on students’ brains, including their cognitive and memory abilities. Spatial rotation seems to function better in subjects listening to heavy metal music.

All in all, could heavy metal music inspire students?

Yes, heavy metal music can inspire students to explore new ways of living life. It can also make them curious about other people. Remember that heavy metal music is highly sentimental and complex! Studies are showing that the more complex music you listen to, the more developed your empathy skills are. So not only does heavy metal music inspire students to be more open but it also makes them more interested in others. That can only have a positive impact on their self-esteem and school results, overall.

Could heavy metal music help in any way?

As I mentioned before, heavy metal proves to be innocent and have quite the opposite effect of enticing violence. It’s been shown that heavy metal reduces one’s ability to conduct violence onto others and promotes a more integrating perspective upon society. Heavy metal can help students calm down in times of heavy stress and keep them focused on their schoolwork. It can act as an emotional purifier.

Listening to your favorite song turns up your cortisol levels and thus, decreases stress. The less stressed you are, the better your results will be. In that sense, heavy metal should be promoted more in schools; kids should have access to the music they like and not be drawn away from it.


There are all sorts of myths about heavy metal music and none of them has proven true. It turns out my four years of heavy metal college paid off. My grades were great, and my mood was always up. Kids- start listening to more heavy metal music and let go of these misconceptions. It can only affect you negatively if you let it.

Author Bio:

Vendy Adams is an essay writer and rock music specialist. Over the years, he’s been volunteering in Peru and Bolivia, teaching kids how to play music. Vendy is a passionate guitar specialist and teacher.