ELEPHANT CASINO Release New Single ‘Life Of Treasures’

Fire, the previous single from ELEPHANT CASINO, went beyond a mere “presentation card” by vocalist Joey Pereira, showing the energy of hard rock with the unique progressive footprint and characteristic of the band from Minas Gerais/Brazil. But a good rock band needs its moments of peace and contemplation, as presented in the intense ballad, very influenced by Queen, called  “Life Of Treasures, recently released as single and video.

The video for “Life Of Treasures” was first shown in a special live release on the official ELEPHANT CASINO YouTube channel, where the musicians could interact with the audience talking about the composition and other details, and can be seen in its entirety below!
Filmed at Sítio do Rod, in Lagoa Santa / MG, the video for “Life Of Treasures is directed by Bruno Paraguay and features  Matheus Parreiras and Alice Austríaco. The story presented  offers the viewer a unique monochromatic visual experience in the band’s videography.

In “Life Of Treasures, bassist Filipe Marks says that: “the video has a very open concept, making it possible for anyone who appreciates it to“ appropriate the song ”any way they want. The script emerged in a very natural and spontaneous way after a rehearsal. We were talking about things in life, our tastes and preferences. And from all this existentialist conversation about life, the universe and everything else, this script emerged, which in addition to talking directly with the lyrics of the song, also touches on the question of Brazilian prehistory”.
He continues: “Music has a content of depth, of writing of time, of scars of life and that’s why we decided to record in Lagoa Santa, the cradle of prehistory in Brazil. The region itself and its composition ends up telling a little about the origin of the individual, the action of time in existence and all this came – in a symbolic way – to meet the questions that arise from the lyrics”.