Emerald Sun – Under the Curse of Silence

Here’s another great band with amazing guitar riffage and solos. It’s Emerald Sun with “Under the Curse of Silence.” Only that would be enough, but the band decided to record a cover, to say the least, controversial. It’s “Fame” from the 1980s self-titled movie. The cover is pretty okay, but the band took their chances. It’s not easy for Metal bands cover non-metal songs. Image can get burn up easyly. The odds are that it did pretty okay.

Emerald Sun are a pretty competent power metal band with some big dashes of melody. “Under the Curse of Silence” won’t disappoint power metal fans. This twelve tracked album is full of emotional songs as most power metal fans like. Emerald Sun are a band that make old formulas feel totally renewed. Even though they are not newcomers, actually they’ve been around since 1988. Pretty much time, huh? Though this is only their fifth full-length.

“Under the Curse of Silence” is an album that starts with full gas with “Kill or Be Killed,” a high octaned track. It’s a pitty that the gas vanishes a little throughout tracks. Emerald Sun are a band that rather play faster songs. “All as One” keeps the pace, but a little slower and more cadenced. Great solos in this one. Guitar duo works well in it as well. But from “Carry On” the band seems to be slowered down to cadence more. “Carry On” is pretty cadenced with strong chorus. Power metal at its best. Main riff is also a killer. Epic tune with great vocals. There’s a peak in “Weakness and Shame” and “Rebel Soul” whose strong and full-heated vocals give the path. Well, from then on, the band slow down and travel deep into ballads. No problem with that, though. Also, good to mention “Land of Night” cadence.

“Under the Curse of Silence” is an album for whom is a fan of power metal at its best. Strong vocals, epic choruses, and else. If you follow that Emerald Sun won’t disappoint you. Honest music and intriguing cover art.

Emerald Sun “Under the Curse of Silence” was released on April 13th via Fastball Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Kill Or Be Killed
  2. All As One
  3. Carry On
  4. Blast
  5. Weakness and Shame
  6. Journey of Life
  7. Rebel Soul
  8. Land of Light
  9. Slaves to Addiction
  10. Fame
  11. World on Fire
  12. La Fuerza Del Ser (bonus track)

Watch “Rebel Soul” official video here: