End of Horizons – Unleash the Force Review

It’s amazing how Metal music scene has become so diverse. It’s so diverse that it allows a band as End of Horizons release an album with twelve tracks all different from each other. Poor example maybe, but the thing is that “Unleash the Force” is a trip throught Heavy Metal many facetes without going any farther and invading Extreme Metal features to spice the mix. If the my dear fans pay good attention “Unleash the Force” is a mix of many bands. There is some Iron Maiden, some Kiss, even some Queensrÿche and many others that I can’t follow. So a cauldron of influences that were cooked together and brought up that very interesting album.

The monicker End of Horizons tells a lot besides being very poetic. It tells that there is no more hope and despair takes the action. When there is no hope at all it’s despair that rules. That’s exactly what we’re feeling these days. This description fits perfectly to the acoustic intro to “Solnedgang.” It’s impossible not to get in the mood of no hope. The acoustic moment enbds up to give place to a fast paced Heavy Metal tune with melodic breaks with outstanding guitars phrases. On second tand tittle rack “Unleash the Force” it’s impossible not to notice the Kiss influence. Overreaction? Maybe, maybe not. I’m a huge Kiss fan but I find impossible not to link it with Kiss’s classics as “God of Thunder” and others sang by Gene ‘The Long-tongued’ Simmons. The same happens to “In Shallow Waters” however thew feeling gets a bit watered down – no pun intended. But the intent is pure Kiss – to me, of course. Though its final seconds sound a lot like Metallica of the good times. Pay close attention to the guitars and to the downpicking. A typical Metallica guitar technique. By the way, the guitars are a highlight in the album.

No, my dear fan, I don’t compare songs in order to diminish the band. It’s the other way around. I do that to give my fan an idea of the songs the band plays. It’s pretty useful, I have to say. Here when the fan listens to End of Horizons “Unleash the Force” the feeling the music herein is a melting pot of classic Heavy Metal influences so the fan will know what it’s hapenning. Moreover, it’s pretty hard to put on words sounds, examples do it much better.

End of Horizons “Unleash the Force” was independently released on August 18th.

Track Listing:

  1. Solnedgang
  2. Unleash the Force
  3. Between Heaven and Earth
  4. In Shallow Waters
  5. Faith
  6. Hero of Damnation
  7. The Horde
  8. Scorching Sun
  9. Infinite Trust
  10. Time to Fight
  11. Turning Tides
  12. Zahltag (Payback)

Watch “Unleash the Force” official lyric video here: