END OF HORIZONS ‘Unleash the Force’

The band members of End of Horizons have known each other since their school days about a quarter of a century ago, when they discovered their respective instruments for themselves. The first band attempts and formations were quickly formed, for example the rock project “Forward.”

In the following years, the musicians went their separate ways, but never lost sight of each other.

After a long break, the idea of playing awesome heavy metal together again arose out of a beer mood at the Wacken Open Air in 2012, as all of them have their musical focus here.

Dark science fiction and life itself formed the template for the songs on the album “Time Bandits,” which was subsequently created under the band name “Event Horizon” and released in 2017. The band performed the album’s tracks at small festivals and club gigs with a consistently very good response.

In 2018, the band renamed themselves “End of Horizons,” as there are already too many groups under the original name and a unique selling point should be achieved.

In the same year, the recordings for the first album under the new name also began, which was as good as finished by the end of 2019 and finds its thematic focus on Viking stories – but also takes up many current topics in terms of content.

The pandemic period that followed was used effectively, with this album the band took everything into their own hands: both the mixing and the mastering were done in-house. With a result that doesn’t have to hide behind professional studio recordings!

The sound of “End of Horizons” is melodic and in phases also progressive with strong elements of “old school metal”, influenced by metal bands of the 80s and 90s.

The band is already dying to present the new album live.

Band line-up:

Heiko Storm – Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Martin Bohnsack-Roß – Guitar, Vocals
Axel Heymanns – Bass Guitar
Markus Umland – Drums, Vocals

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