Enemy of Reality – Arakhne

15310253_1844377052512752_362857005_n  It’s always the vast variety of metal that keeps me going and wondering where the next good piece is going to turn up. Whether it be a good brutal helping of death metal or some heavy as f**k doom that catches my fancy, it keeps me going. Yet, there’s always one style in particular that grabs my interest more than some even though I almost never frequent it: symphonic metal. And it’s bands like Enemy of Reality that keep me coming back for more and more, and the latest album of said band is a prime example of such. Allow me to take the quick moment and say that “Arakhne” is absolute leagues away from the best I’ve heard of symphonic metal, but I’ll be damned if I don’t say that Enemy of Reality did an amazing f**king job with this record. All of the eleven tracks that we’re given with “Arakhne” have magnificent rhythms and hooks that really pull you in and keep you there all the way to the very end, and with multiple sets of vocals to boot. Albeit, not all the vocals work well with the music as a whole, but other than that I’ve no real complaints about what Enemy of Reality has done here with their sophomore album, and I’m quite surprised about that. I say that because it seems to be a common belief that a band’s second effort tends to be pretty poor in quality, at least in comparison to its predecessor. Yet “Arakhne” prevails and shows that Enemy of Reality is a band that isn’t anywhere near a push over. If Enemy of Reality somehow manage to refine their sound and truly hold nothing back should they go on with future records, and I’m sure they will, then I’ve no doubt whatsoever that these Greeks will create something that’s nothing short of a mind f**k, and I mean that in the best way possible.

You can purchase “Arakhne” via iTunes here, and stream it on Spotify here.

Track Listing:

  1. Martyr
  2. Reflected
  3. Weakness Lies Within
  4. Time Immemorial
  5. Nouthetisis
  6. Afraid No More
  7. Showdown
  8. The Taste of Defeat
  9. In Hiding
  10. I Spare You
  11. A Gift of Curse