Entrench – Violent Procreation

z 1000x1000  This black and thrash metal album from Entrench is definitely something for you thrill seekers of the metal world.

“Violent Procreation” has the raw factor of black metal, and the speed of thrash and this gives the album a truly unrestricted and full blast feel that a lot of bands out there have but sometimes don’t make it sound as good as Entrench has.

This is probably one of the higher quality of black-thrash metal albums of 2014 if you ask me, and that says a lot because there’s been a lot of black-thrash albums that have come out this year and Entrench has managed to reset the bar for bands to follow in 2015.

“Devoid of Life” from “Violent Procreation” can be streamed on YouTube here and bought here.


Track Listing:

1. One With Agony
2. Those Who Exceed
3. Adjust to Summit
4. Chemical Holocaust/The Mental Wasteland
5. Devoid of Life
6. Calm the Urge
7. The Process of Annihilation
8. Senseless Slaughter
9. Apathetic Existence

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