Éohum – Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch

 When I hear someone talk about modern avant-garde (innovative) black metal then I expect Éohum to be the first band to come to mind with their upcoming debut album “Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch” being smart, different, and had an organic sound to it that doesn’t come around as much as it used to.

The album started out with a woman reciting a poem about the state of modern humanity, then playing sounds of human devastation such as the sound of a falling tree (deforestation, I assume) and then the sound of many guns being fired (war). And then the rest of the album has this great, organic (today’s special word) feel to it that persists the whole length of the album with a raw but organized sound to it that was just done extremely well.

“Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch” is no doubt just the surface of the surface of the talent that Éohum has up their sleeves for future music because music like does not simply get spent on one album, and will not nine times out of ten.

“Revelations, Aurora of An Epoch” comes out April 7th and the title track can be streamed via Bandcamp here.


Track Listing:

1. Leaving Harbour
2. Rooted Deep Within
3. Equatorial Rains
4. Defined Sacredness
5. Revelations, Aurora of an Epoch
6. Wiser Every Sunrise
7. Thus Spewed Thy Infectious Reign
8. Give Us O’ Rain