EPICA Reveals ‘If Inside These Walls Was A House’ Music Video

Dutch symphonic metal giants EPICA are excited to release a covers EP for the highly successful ‘Attack On Titan’ theme songs. With their legion of fans, ‘Attack On Titan’ have conquered both the print world with over 70 million copies, and anime sector with an adaption that is currently airing worldwide. The EP entitled ‘EPICA vs. Attack On Titan’ features metal covers of the anime’s theme songs and will be released worldwide – outside of Japan – on July 20th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Now, EPICA releases the second single of the EP entitled, “If Inside These Walls Was A House”.

Mark Jansen comments: ‘If Inside These Walls Was A House’ is my favorite track on the EP and it sounds most like an EPICA song. We have played this track together with some other tracks from the EP in Japan live in front of a thousand enthusiastic fans, I will never forget that. Enjoy 🙂