Dave Mustaine Angry

During an interview with Australia’s “Scars And Guitars” podcast, EPICA guitarist/vocalist Mark Jansen related a few humorous stories about his brushes with one of his favorite bands from his youth, MEGADETH.

Mark said: “Dave Mustaine, being the leader [of MEGADETH], [is] maybe sometimes also quite a difficult guy to deal with; he seems a bit grumpy sometimes.”

“[EPICA] played at a couple of festivals with MEGADETH, and I have a couple of funny anecdotes,” he continued. “One of them is that MEGADETH was done playing, and they came back to their dressing rooms. And one by one [they] were climbing the stairs, and I was going downstairs, so I said ‘hi’ to all the guys, and everybody said ‘hi’ back to me. And the last in line was Dave Mustaine, so I said also ‘hi.’ Nothing [laughs] — no reaction whatsoever.

“Also one time with MAYAN [Mark‘s side project], we were playing in Mexico, and we were on the airport, and MEGADETH was going to play the same festival. And we saw also the MEGADETH guys — they were all hanging around with everybody. And I thought, ‘Where’s Dave Mustaine? Maybe he has a different flight.’ But then, after 10 minutes, I saw him. He was sitting with his hoodie, with a very grumpy face — like, ‘Don’t even dare to get closer to me. I don’t wanna talk to anybody.’ [Laughs]”

“If he doesn’t want to talk to anybody, he should not do it,” Mark added. “But, to me, it gives me the impression that he’s not the most easy guy to deal with.”

Full interview can be heard below.