Epitaph – Claws

The difference between a legend and a mere band is the number of true followers they achive over the years. Black Sabbath has reached the pantheon of gods because almos fifty years from their debut album “Black Sabbath,” more and more fans are being abducted and mesmerized by the sound. A whole generation of doom metal bands are the living proof of it. Epitaph with “Claws” are not a mere reproduction of early Sabbath efforts. Epitaph take the legacy to a new whole level.

Besides a very inspired guitarist, Epitaph show us a very talented vocalist that can use creatively all the potentiality of his voice. To be precise, he doesn’t use Metal vocal techniques. He’s more like a post-punk singer that uses the tools that singing style allows him to do. So he doesn’t scream, he prefers to moan in some songs. It’s just another way of doing it. The outcome is beyond the imagination. Epitaph with “Claws” are far from the expected from doom metal bands. The melodic guitar passages do the rest of the magic.

All five songs are long, but that boring long, dinamic long with lots of instrumental passages and exciting vocals. Epitaph with “Claws” work with several facetes of doom. Not only the shoegazed one, but also faster cadences as the opening track, “Gossamer Claws,” which guitar riffs are very beyond the expected in terms of tecnique and power. The mix with post-punk influences and sabbatish guitars textures did good to Epitaph. That’s where they stand out from the average doom bands. Epitaph dare to sound different. “Wicked Lady,” the longest track, is full of vocal waves and bounces. It’s undeniable that the master of all masters, Tony Ioomi, could have recorded the guitars on many songs. It’s no sacrilege to say that, on the contrary, it’s a honnor to Epitaph guys.

Track Listing:

  1. Gossamer Claws
  2. Waco The King
  3. Sizigia
  4. Wicked Lady
  5. Declaration Of Woe

Epitaph “Claws” will be released on September 22th via High Roller Records.

Watch Epitaph “Claws” live preview here: