Esodic – De Facto, De Jure Review

First of all, some words about Esodic. Originating from the underbelly of Amman, Jordan, Esodic were formed in 2003. Inspired by legendary bands like Slayer, Testament, and Kreator, Esodic‘s music reflects the turbulent socio-political climate of the Middle East. Their existence as a metal band in a region where such music was often suppressed by local governments added a layer of defiance and rebellion to their sound. This opposition fueled their creativity and resilience, epitomized by the experiences of current drummer Zed Amarin, who, along with other band members, faced harassment and arrest.

Esodic‘s journey through the underground music scene of Amman saw them forge a distinct style of fast-paced, loud thrash metal. Despite the risks, their commitment to their craft led to a strong following and significant challenges, including frequent arrests and show cancellations. These obstacles only strengthened their resolve and influence within the countercultural scene. Bands with agendas are always my favorite. About the album tittle “De Facto, De Jure,” roughly, both are legal terms that can be translated as “In Fact, In Law.”

Alright, musicwise, when one thinks he has heaqrd all the possible variations on Metal music there comes a band as Esodic to prove otherwise. It’s unique and original combination of elements make them one of a kind. While their approach with oriental, more notably from the Middle East, can’t be said to be that original, their use of it intertwined with Metal music is very unique. The elements are a part of the music and not only some effects to embellish the song. Actually, their songs are written to mix both elements. That’s the contribution Esodic do for Metal music. Their combination of Death Metal and Thrash Metal can be seen in all tracks, but album tittle “De Facto, De Jure” delivers, from where I’m standing, the best outcome of it.

“De Facto, De Jure” is an album to be praised.

Esodic “De Facto, De Jure” was self-released on May 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Consequence
  2. Dirge
  3. Reign
  4. De Facto, De Jure

Watch official music video here: