Essentials Every Newbie Drummer Needs

Photo credit: Jure Širić

Many people want to join the music industry and learn to play drums. But beginners should consider several nuances. This applies to both the playing technique and various attributes that are important for musicians. It sounds subtle, but the talent is only part of the requirements for success. Here are the essentials every newbie drummer needs.

Drum Sticks

If you want to learn how to play drums, this should be your first purchase. And you shouldn’t rely solely on reviews from reputable musicians. Come to a music store and test a few sets. Expensive drum sticks may be awkward or very slippery for you, as opposed to cheaper ones.

Since this is the main gadget for any drummer, you need to take at least two kits. Then you won’t have a problem if you break or lose one stick. Also, you can choose the most budgetary option for training. Then you will have money left to pay for essay writing.

Ear Defenders

If you’ve decided to learn how to play acoustic drums, then ear defenders are a must. Sound waves from each impact can damage your eardrums. Special sound-isolating headphones help you hear yourself and other musicians during your workout without hurting your hearing. Choose the model that will allow you to train for at least an hour without discomfort. It is best if you choose a model with active noise cancellation and wireless.


The metronome is as important to the drummer as the cheap essay writing service is to the student. This is a kind of help for those who want to learn to feel the rhythm and play their favorite songs without problems. It is best to choose the digital metronome, as analog versions can have some variation in timing. This is one of the cheapest but essential devices for any drummer. Sometimes you can limit yourself to an app on your smartphone and headphones.

Drum Stool

It may not seem obvious, but drum stool is a very important thing. Your stool should be comfortable and adjustable in height or tilt. Each musical style assumes a certain style and technique of drumming. If you sit in a regular chair, you will not be able to use your legs effectively. This is unacceptable. Choose a comfortable stool that you can quickly take with you to rehearsals.

Drum Keys

Can you remove a car wheel without the help of special tools? This is not possible unless you are a Terminator. This is why you should buy some standard drum keys. This will allow you to tune and quickly shoot drum heads. Three main types of keys will come in handy during your workouts. It is inexpensive, so you can save some money to order essay online if needed.

Practice Pad

This is one of the most important training devices for any drummer. The point is, you shouldn’t use your knees or table for training. The practice pad simulates the playing surface of drums, so you can choose the right angle and hitting force. This is very important for learning rhythm changing techniques and sound control. Otherwise, you run the risk of greatly slowing down the learning process. This pad is indispensable for beginners and drummers who don’t want to lose their skills.

Drum Stick Bag

We all know that people often lose small things and drumsticks are no exception. You should buy a special bag that will allow you to store several sets of chopsticks at once. It is usually inexpensive, but you will always know where your belongings are. Some bags can be attached to a belt or main shoulder backpack. It is quite convenient for frequent travel by public transport.

Music Stand

If you decide to become a professional drummer, then the notes will become a constant companion for you. You have to learn musical rhythms and parts, so a music stand is a must for you. This is a universal mount for your music book or tablet. The main advantage of such a device is its cost. All of the drummer’s equipment is quite expensive, but the music stand is a pleasant exception.

Decent Kick Drum Pedal

Standard bass drum pedals in cheap drum kits are the hate of many musicians. Manufacturers save on the quality of fasteners and overall structural strength. As a result, intense training can break the drum pedal within a couple of months. Choose a pedal from online reviews or see what works best for your style of music. As a rule, any mid-price kick drum pedal will be the best purchase.

Upgrade Snare Drum

Of course, there are different styles of music and criteria for musical equipment. But a good snare drum should sound like a pistol shot. The sharp and dense sound is what rock musicians love so much. You will hardly be happy with the sound of a cheap snare drum. You are better off replacing this as soon as you start progressing as a musician.

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