Eternal Champion – The Armor Of Fire

What to do when the weather is so amazing that invites you to stay at home? When the sky is so dark and threatening that you feel thrills and shrivers of emotion? And finally, when one of your ten cats sits in your lap and sleeps so cozy? That’s absolutelly the way I like it! A bit cold, a thin rain falling from the sky that soaks you wet, a gentle wind slapping in your face. A weather that is so rare down here in the tropics.

Write a review about Eternal Champion’s “The Armor Of Fire”, of course! What else could you think?

“The Armor Of Fire” is the perfect soundtrack to a day like this! With its doomy harmonical constructions. Well built guitar riffs and songs that actually tell you a history of long and distant time if you close your eyes. And nothing better than a song called “The Cold” to help us remind all that! And if you allow me, “The Cold” reminds of the great fallen band Desolation Angels.

The opening track “I Am The Hammer” does a pretty good job to introduce you into the dark fogs and rain. The drumming in it is a pretty damn good example of lesser is better. It’s just the first drum drill you learn and works really fine! Just like the masters Cirith Ungol and Omen used to do. Two very good references to understand Eternal Champion’s “The Armor Of Fire”. The doomy guitar twins are also a point to keep in mind. Listen to “Sing A Last Song Of Valdese”. Let’s not forget the last but not least track “Shade Gate” which makes you travel.

Very well then, have Eternal Champion’s “The Armor Of Fire” well kept and listen to it as recommended!

Track Listing:

  1. . I Am The Hammer
  2. The Armor Of Ire
  3. The Last King Of Pictdom
  4. Blood Ice
  5. The Cold Sword
  6. Invoker
  7. Sing A Last Song Of Valdese
  8. Shade Gate

Watch to “I Am The Hammer” here: