Eternal Champion – Ravening Iron Review

Three years ago we had the honor to review Eternal Champion’s “The Armour of Fire.” Well, I must say that Eternal Champion kept the flame high and “Ravening Iron” is a hell of a record. There are eight astonishing tracks that make the Metal child bang the head at large. Comparing both, I guess that “Ravening Iron” gets more epic contours than “The Armour of Fire” that is doomier. Jason Tarpey’s vocals are even more refined and polished and for that with a great deal of emotion. The fan feel the good thrills when his voice comes.

In a way, “Ravening Iron” is kind of monolithic, the songs follow the same estructure and cadence, except opening track “A Face in the Glare” which is speed up in comparison with all the others. In that case, being epic and a bit shoegazed leaves the way free to the guitars do what they want. There are many guitars interventions in the album and they are all precise and sharp and with a great deal of emotion. The kind of guitars that highlight the emotion that comes from the vocals. The perfect musical frames to the nice and astonishing voice of Jason Tarpey. For instace, last, but not least, track “Banners of Arhai” has so great interventions throughout the song. I also have to say something about the riffs again. I did it about “The Armour of Fire” and I have to say it again with “Ravening Iron.” Well, they are great.

“Ravening Iron” is an album that obliges the fan to listen to it many times. I did it three times in a role… Monolithical here doesn’t mean boring in no way. This album can be anything but boring. There are many plot twists, but they are Eternal Champion’s kind of plot twists. The album is strong as steel, just to mention a word that the band loves. A highlight to the pounding and very well-played bass in the title track “Ravening Iron” sometimes following the beat of the drums. It’s only the guitars that are very good here. I liked very much the chorus and chanting at the end of the song. Very Accept of the band.

Eternal Champion “Ravening Iron” will be released on November 20th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. A Face in the Glare
  2. Ravening Iron
  3. Skullseeker
  4. War at the Edge of the End
  5. Coward’s Keep
  6. Worms of the Earth
  7. The Godblade
  8. Banners of Arhai



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