ETERNAL SACRIFICE Reveals Title, Cover And Tracklist Of New Album

The brazilian horde ETERNAL SACRIFICE has returned with everything in 2018! After announcing participation in the compilations “Ad Astra Per Aspera” and “Hellfire – A Brazilian Tribute To Sabbat”, the band finally released more details of their upcoming album.

Titled “Ad Tertium Librum Nigrum”, the new work will feature 10 tracks of the purest Pagan/Black Metal, scheduled for August this year, will be released by Hammer Of Damnation in the physical format (deluxe slipcase digipack CD) and Sangue Frio Records in digital format. Check out the cover and tracklist below:

01 – Introirum
02 – Chapter I – The Three Mashu’s seals – The Conquest of the Ganzir and Arzir Gates (Hazred área)
03 – Chapter II – The Vision Of The Light Of The Sculptures In The Monument Of Mashu (The Black Book of Signs)
04 – Chapter III – The Amulet, The Fire And The Seals Of Wisdom In The Course Of a Triple Life
05 – Chapter IV – The Revelations Of The First Sigil, Lucifer, After a Saga of Delusions And Battles
06 – Chapter V – When Angel Of Light in Ur, In Invoking The Second Sign Agga
07 – Chapter VI – Nasha, Restitution Of Double The Light (Luce) And Harmony (Fer) – Pagans Calls
08 – Interludium
09 – Chapter VII – The Emptiness, The Guard Of The Sortileges And The Time In Which The Dust Takes The Rites
10 – Epilogum

Listen to the song “Chapter I – The Three Mashu’s seals – The Conquest of the Ganzir and Arzir Gates (Hazred área)” recently available:

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