ETERNAL STRUGGLE And the ‘Year of the Gun’

Eternal Struggle are the child of the literal and figurative battleground that is life in the Middle East. Born into political heat and the everyday challenge of life in the ‘09’ District of Israel, Eternal Struggle have used the trials of a system infiltrated with corruption as their greatest weapon. They are known for their aggressive and chaotic live performances as well as their ambition as a forward-thinking band.

They are known for their aggressive and chaotic live performances as well as their ambition as a  forward-thinking band, fusing elements from both worlds of Extreme Metal & Hardcore Punk. Socially, always fighting  the good fight, while bringing different music communities together over PMA ethics and their infectiously hard-hitting and groove ridden songs.

Eternal Struggle are a band that understands the power of music and words and channels their feelings towards their given circumstances into their art-form. “Pride Kills” would be the band’s motto, with each member intimately understanding that there is no winning in war, only loss.

Eternal Struggle have organized a myriad of local shows and are active in supporting the live community and collaborating with other bands. In collaboration within their community, they have organized a number of fundraisers for animals in need, various human rights campaigns, and a largely successful food-drive benefit concert to raise aid for displaced refugee youth. Eternal Struggle felt the need to spread awareness of the refugee crisis and booked a  concert venue and hosted over a dozen bands and DJs to perform.

Prior to the pandemic, Eternal Struggle were non-stop busy performing around the country with endless demand, building a dedicated following of fans and friends alike. Summer 2017, Eternal Struggle won their slot at Europe’s largest Heavy Metal festival, Wacken Open Air.

A childhood fantasy of the band to perform at such a festival, as well as to  perform internationally. They made a big impression on the crowd as well as the judges and received much respect  following their performance. This experience changed something in the band’s approach and developed a hunger to  return abroad with their music. The band’s return to Israel was welcomed with much praise and began selling out local shows in Tel-Aviv, as well as  being invited to open for different larger scale international bands that would come through Israel, such as Turnstile, Deez Nuts, Biohazard, Atari Teenage Riot and more.

2018 saw the release of what has been referred to as the band’s PMA anthem, titled “Falling Forward.” The single  was released via American hardcore label, Upstate Records NY and soon after, the band was already writing  new material for their much anticipated debut album.

‘YEAR OF THE GUN’ is scheduled to be released via Demons Run Amok  Entertainment (DE) in partnership with Upstate Records(NY) and represented by M.A.D. Tourbooking (DE).

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