Eternal Struggle – Year of the Gun Review

The so kind and inteligent and with the best taste ever for reviews people that read my reviews here know that I do like bands with political agendas. This sad and pathetic and lonely little planet needs all the efforts one can make to change the disaster we are about to face. Yeah, I know singers and songs will never change it alone but we have to try especially when the album kicks off with a song called “Manifesto” a word that reminds me of lots of great things. One can even try, don’t you agree? We’re not to be ignored.

As though I do like very much the political content in here “Year of the Gun” sounds too political. Hold your horses I’ll elaborate. Eternal Struggle follow a known path here in this album. It’s pretty difficult not to make comparisons to Rage Against the Machine, one of the most politically engaged bands ever. No, I don’t mean this album is a copycat of the band. Nah, it’s not. My dear fan here knows that I make these kind of comparisons just to make me, and the album, more understandable to whom dearly is reading this. On second thought, to be extremely fair with the band I could find some traces of the might Pantera here as well in tracks as “Indoctrination” a very dear thematic to the right wing followers wherever they are.

I guess “Year of the Gun” is much better explained if one talks about all the anger and wrath the album delivers. It’s an album that sweats bullets from all pores. Rage is another word that explains very well the music the fan will listen here. Well, I guess there is nothing better than wrath to express the disdain for this miserable world we live in. Simply I guess that Eternal Struggle found the right tone in songs as “Modern Slaves” whose tittle says so much about the modern human condition and behavior. “Pride Kills” hits bull’s eyes as well as pride is a capital sin as we all know and learned in our sunday schools. Personally I like very much the riffing and the dissonances of “To My Enemies” which sounds as a pretty good message to all of them. Whoever they are. The Thrash Metal tone works really fine here. Finally, as everything can’t be perfect what the hell is “Y.O.T.G.”?

By the way, my congrats to the album cover. Kids and guns still shock me a lot.

Eternal Struggle “Year of the Gun” will be released on June 04th via Upstate Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Manifesto
  2. Point One
  3. Year of the Gun
  4. As Heroes Fade
  5. Indoctrination
  6. On Broken Backs
  7. Dependence
  8. To My Enemies
  9. Releechious
  10. Modern Slave
  11. Pride Kills
  12. Propaganda
  13. Last Path
  14. Y.O.T.G. (Alex Empire Remix)

Watch “Indocrination” official video here: