Eternity – To Become The Great Beast

You know what? I was really in the mood of hearing something really loud. Well, as I have plenty options here, I closed my eyes and chose the album that would suit better. Voilà. Eternity with “To Become The Great Beast” was the perfect choice because it is ferocious, full of wrath, and angry. Everything an Extreme Metal record has to be with the plus of being so resourceful instrumentally and having that melancholy that makes you think what the hell. Eternity really found their  way of puting some melancholy and sadness into their full of sin “To Become The Great Beast” which sweats profanity from all pores.

The ten tracks herein aren’t monolithic in the instrumental sense, but there are some features that link all the songs. This is the sad and melancholic guitar that fills all the blanks within the songs. On second though, I have never though of a guitar being so sad, and so punchful. Funny how things go. “To Become The Great Beast” has enough strength to please the fan, but the thong that really catches them is the sadness. I feel a profound sadness when I listen to this album. Maybe because “To Become The Great Beast” has an earthly content, it isn’t meant to be linked to the etheral, but to what every single soul in this sad, lonely, and pathetic world has inside. This thing is sadness, melancholy, despair, desolation, and everything else. Black metal is getting earthbound as I always say. It is more linked to all the pain and misery we all are into. In our times, to feel lonely is a profanity. Don’t you dare feel sad!

Okay, besides all that “To Become The Great Beast” is really worth as an Extreme Metal album. As aforementioned it has punch enough to satisfy the most demanding fan. From “Sun of Hate” to “Nine Magic Sounds” Eternity did their best to sound violent and profane. So take your pick.

Eternity “To Become The Great Beast” was released on September 13th via Soulseller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sun of Hate
  2. Bringer of the Fall
  3. Te Nostro Deum Sathanas
  4. If Ever I Lived
  5. Horror Vacui
  6. In Subspecies Aeterna
  7. To Become The Great Beast
  8. Violetor
  9. Empire
  10. Nine Magic Sounds

Watch “Sun of Hate” official video here: