Ethernity – The Human Race Extinction

This “The Human Race Extinction” turns out to have a deceptive intro. The extreme-velocity drumming mixed with fuzzy guitars made us think of a death metal effort. Before anyone say anything like “Hum, that’s normal” I’ll say that it is a common technique applied by Metal bands. It’s uncountable the number of albums that start in this deceptive way. Then, after some seconds of music Ethernity show everything they’ve got: a very competent symphonic progressive metal.

The universe of symphonic Metal bands is receiving another star with a very bright shine. This is Ethernity for you that haven’t been introduced to the band. Besides the very cool name of this effort “The Human Race Extinction,” Ethernity as their peers are a very skillful band. What makes them different is the use of some modern metal technique as a more prominent bass and some raw keyboarding effects. Vocalist Julie Colin doesn’t use the often lyrical singing all the time. She does a regular voice with few effects. It gives Ethernity a foot in what was called pop metal few years ago. A place that has been occupied by symphonic metal bands regularly. Their music can reach the masses easily. I guess symphonic metal bands are playing an important role these days. They are the point of entry to metal music. Don’t complain about that. It’s not everybody who’s blessed to be born a metalhead. Most are converted.

What bands like Ethernity offer is a bridge made with a very competent musicality to unsatisfied fans of the plastic music offered these days because Metal has content. It’s the kind of music one can go deep digging bands and sonic textures and – write that on – will never say “I know it all.” The proximity to modern metal in tracks like “Artificial Souls” – a proper name –  or “Rise of Droids” makes them attractive to a listener that is already near Metal music. Then, it’s just let life takes its own way. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Ethernity are only a bridge to heavier stuff. The band is cool with a great female singer and good songwriting.

Ethernity “The Human Race Extinction” will be released on September 14th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Initialization
  2. The Human Race Extinction
  3. Mechanical Life
  4. Grey Skies
  5. Beyond Dread
  6. Artificial Souls
  7. Redefined
  8. Rise Of Droids
  9. Mark Of The Enemy
  10. The Prototype
  11. Not The End
  12. Warmth Of Hope
  13. Chaos Architect
  14. Indestructible

Watch “The Prototype” official video here: