Eufobia – Madness Review

Everybody knows Melodic Death Metal is my weak spot. The melodic guitars contrasting with the harsh vocals attracts me so much. Perhaps some may say it’s a worn out formula. I agree when the band isn’t good enough to stand out from the crowd. Yeah, now it’s just more of the same. But when the band is really great there is no doubt it’s a killer opportunity to listen to real good music with lots of contrasts. Have I said Metal music is made of contrasts? I guess I have but don’t worry I’ll say it again and again and again. It’s my nature to repeat myself. So is music. So is Metal music. And so is Melodic Death Metal. Just a fact of life that most songs are made of other songs. There’s a lot of repetition in all songs even in the most original ones. Even them are inspired on previous songs. Ther’s no way of making music without listening to music first. That’s a law of nature as well. So, are Eufobia with “Madness” the most original band to ever cross this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet? Of course not. But Eufobia are a really damn good band and “Madness” is a frigging good album.

The great thing about “Madness” is that it mixes flawlessly both great influences that formed the root of Melodic Death Metal. So, tracks go from a typical Old School Heavy Metal riffing to an acid and ghastly Death Metal vocal as flaming and shockingly amazing album opener and tittle “Madness” delivers. Interestingly the track changes tempo and cadence from its beginning to its end. The reason to do do is the amazing melodies Eufobia insert in the tune to make it suitable. Following track “Facing the Firing Squad” besides the uncanny tittle also showcases an Old School Heavy Metal instrumentals interweaven by some drums blast beats and the intentionally horrid and nuisance vocals. The secret of Eufobia is to masterly combine all this in all the songs within this album. The band works as if they were making a puzzle carefully putting piece by piece in order to form the whole. The outcome as in “Among the Sheep” is breathtaking with its Thrashesque guitar riffing and bass lines. I gues that’s the track where the fan will notice most of Eufobia personality. It’s also the most different from all track. As it is the rule in the album “Messiah” starts calm and tranquil to suddenly burst into some dazzling and frentic Death/Thrash tune. The song is acid and full of the anger and wrath expected from Thrash and Death Metal.

Eufobia gave a deeper step from previous albums with “Madness.” The mix here was highly poisoned with some more Thrash Metal influences that made the album even more furious than usual. I guess my dear fan have noticed that the songs lyrics followed this change of heart. Eufobia tried to use a different thematic to fit the album’s sonancy. An album to listen loud, but very loud.

Eufobia “Madness” was released on June 10th.

Track Listing:

  1. Madness
  2. Facing the Firing Squad
  3. Wolf Among the Sheep
  4. Messiah
  5. Those Who Believe
  6. Burning Streets
  7. Use Your Head
  8. Liberation
  9. The Establishment
  10. Animal Farm

Watch “Madness” official video here: