EUGE VALOVIRTA Unleash New Solo Album Single ‘The Bad Boy’

EUGE VALOVIRTA (Cyhra, Red Wolf) has released the first single “The Bad Boy” from his forthcoming second solo album Shooting From The Hip, which is due to be out on June 30th. Available on all major streaming & downloading platforms.

The album is set to be released on June 30th will have 10 songs of guitar driven instrumentals from Van Halen – style 80’s rock, “Hillbilly” – chicken pickin’ fireworks to groovy kind of metal and one ballad dedicated to all our absent friends.

Euge Valovirta:
“This song like all the songs from the album are based on the song ideas I’ve written for a particular video about a certain amp, effect pedal etc. for my YouTube channel. The title comes from the nickname of my old Marshall JCM800 2203 which is my all time favourite amp but it’s also a reference to John Sykes, one of my all time favourite guitarists, ‘cos the song has quite a bit of his vibe :-).”

The Bad Boy” is written by Euge Valovirta
All instruments by Euge Valovirta
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Euge Valovirta at 230V Studio, Allschwil, Switzerland

Shooting From The Hip Tracklisting:
1. Scary Frankie
2. Bogrenious
3. Pasadena ’78
4. The Bad Boy
5. This Box Is Too Small
6. The Flame Is Burning
7. Three-Legged Chicken
8. Uncle Joe
9. Young Forever
10. A Song For An Absent Friend