Evership – Evership II

It is such a honor to have the chance of seeing how bands evolve. Two years ago, when I was beginning my career as a reviewer in this rising industry, I got Evership’s debut album to review. I must say it was a great experience though they advised me Evership weren’t a metal band nor had the elements to be hybrid band. I told them not to worry because what we care here on Metal Addicts is about great music, and that Evership are full of. I stick to my first impression, Evership are a band of craftsmen whose care to details is outstanding. And, if it is possible, the dudes got even more carefull. Beau West is singing better than ever. Instrumentals are even more resourcefull. Shane and James Atkinson brothers seem to be more connected. Do you know when two people fill in the blanks for each other? That’s what they musicwise do.

In “Evership II” the band dive into deeper waters of 1970s art rock. If in their debut album there was songs with some modernity, “Evership II” sound more and more 1970s. Songs like “Wanderer” would be easily played at some FM station of that time, and also a bit more time during the 1980’s flashback radio programs. Evership are also much more attached to Kansas art rock era. Yes influences are also intact. Keyboards are more prominent. They steal the show all the time in Evership II as they did in all great art rock bands.

In “Isle of the Broken,” Evership maintain all the finesse that is their stapler. A slow paced tune with some dashes of a gentle ballad with a neat instrumental with changes a bit during its twenty-eight minutes. In its middle, they got a bit zeppelinish with Beau West singing with Plant vibe and spirit. The song gets harder with a gentle Uriah Heep’s keyboarding to remember everyone else that they are an art rock band. Then, suddenly, a guitar and keybords solo burst into our ears. The effect is amazing. In “VI. The Tree and the Door” the guitar solo sounds a lot like Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour in the intense and emotion. Just love that.

“Evership II” is an album for those who listen to prog metal and love it. Here you can find the influences that made it possible. Highly recommended album.

Evership “Evership II” will be released on October 19th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Serious Room
  2. Monomyth
  3. Real or Imagined
  4. Wanderer
  5. Isle of the Broken Tree (I. Castaway, II. Meadow of Shades, III. My Father’s Friend, IV. Hall of Visions, V. My Own Worst Enemy, VI. The Tree and the Door)

Watch “Flying Machine” official video from “Evership” here: