Evership – The Uncrowned King – Act 2 Review

This year has been fantastic in terms of having the opportunity of reviewing the following albums of so many bands. I always say that this is a gold opportunity to see how bands evolve through time. As a matter of fact, we’ve had the opportunity of reviewing all Evership’s four album career. The kickstarter was 2016’s “Evership,” the second was 2018’s “Evership II,” followed by 2021’s “The Uncrowned King – Act 1” which as its tittle says would be soon followed by this “The Uncrowned King – Act 2.”

I guess that all the years with us with Metal Addicts made something some twist Evership’s mastermind Shane Atkinson’s mind because this album has lots of Metal music traits. I dare to say that it us by far the heaviest album the band has ever released. Not to forget to all Power Metal subject of both albums. “The Uncrowned King – Act 2” pushes the borders to Metal music until it gets very near to be a Prog Metal album. Well, let me easy Prog Rock and Evership fans that do exist here, it’s not. But it can fool some unadvised fans. Yes, it can. To some point, the careful fan will notice the ethereal and space 1970’s keyboards that take the album to Prog Rock waters. Or the neat piano moments that interwined with beautiful melodies to remind the fan the great ELP as “The Law of Ages” does. When I heard its guitar solo I got the impression that its initial notes were addressed to the all time classic Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” It made a huge impact here, if you know what I’m saying. Pink Floyd are a band many metalheads appreciate. Showing some of their influences “Fading Away” has some The Beatles “Abbey Road” era taste with its melodies.

As I said before, “The Uncrowned King – Act 2” starts with the very Metal guitar riffing based “Coronation,” the heaviest track of the album and one of the heaviest songs of Evership. If the idea of the song were to get all the power and the glory of a coronation, it achieved it with flying colors. Little by little, Prog Rock elements take over the album and it goes getting the Evership face we all know here. That all happened because of the keyboards. The acoustic “The Voice of the Night” takes the fan to a trip to the outerspace. It’s not a ballad properly said thought the acoustic as many would believe. It would rather be called a slower theme that bridges to Queen’s inspired “Uncrowned” and its vocal duets.

It has always been a pleasure.

Evership “The Uncrowned King – Act 2” will be released on October 14th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Voice of the Night
  2. Missive Pursuits
  3. The Law of Ages
  4. Coronation
  5. The Voice of the New Day
  6. Nobody
  7. Fading Away
  8. Uncrowned
  9. Pilgrim’s Reprise

Watch “The Uncrowned King – Act 2” official overture video here: