Eversin – Trinity: The Annihilation

a3617416286_10  Ever listen to something and you can only describe it as simply metal. Not like “ah, this is clearly death metal” or the stupid f**king “symphonic metal with black influences with nuances from death metal incorporated with electronic elements” bulls**t. No, metalEversin fits that description perfectly as their latest album, “Trinity: The Annihilation”, is an eight track piece that really delivers. Powerful guitars that bring a really well done sense of intensity alongside the booming bass and the rhythmic drums to create this real metal experience that you can find in so many places, but rarely do you find it from a country like Italy and not to mention in such high quality. The only thing that gets in the way of me really enjoying “Trinity: The Annihilation” is that the vocals sound doesn’t fit quite as well with the rest of the band and they always seem to be ever so slightly out of rhythm with everyone else as well, which I don’t know about you but that bothers me a lot even though the music itself was solid enough to where I could still enjoy it despite one very big element bothering my brain, but that’s just me, of course. In the long run, there’s no two ways to say it – Eversin have created a very solid piece of metal with this record. I can almost guarantee you that if you are any sort of metal fan that you’re willing to listen to not just a certain style then you’ll find plenty of things to enjoy out of “Trinity: The Annihilation” has it is a spot on, dead set awesome metal album all the way through. No matter how you see it, or if you feel the same way about the vocals that I do, Eversin have proven that they are a real metal band.

You can purchase “Trinity: The Annihilation” via iTunes here and stream the full album on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Flagellum Dei
  2. Fire Walk With Me
  3. Chaosborn
  4. We Will Prevail
  5. Crown of Nails
  6. Beneath an Atomic Sun
  7. Litanies of War
  8. Trinity