Evil-Lÿn – Dysciple of Steel

When you think you have heard everything in terms of traditional HM, there comes a band like Evil-Lÿn with “Dysciple of Steel” and changes it all you thought you knew. Bands like Evil-Lÿn make words come easy. To give you a hint, Evil-Lÿn sound very 1980s germanic HM. Specially when it comes to vocals. It comes from the time when singers could do a raspy and gritty voice, and even though, sing clearly with lots of emotion included. Evil-Lÿn are a full of emotion band. Check “Shadow Soldier” not only because it is a ballad, but for all the emotional content in it.

It’s no secret at all that I just love traditional HM bands, but there was a time I thought there was nothing else to be done. I was flat wrong. There is a lot to do. Evil-Lÿn proved me wrong. And it tastes so good sometimes to be proven wrong. When I listen to a song like “Iron on Iron” I get hopeful. When I listen to all the guitar work in “Dysciple of Steel” I get happy. I mean, one doesn’t have to shread to be great. Evil-Lÿn guitar duo reminds a lot Iron Maiden’s Dave Murray and Adrian Smith era. The technicality, the feeling, the easy instrumental passages, and the inspired solos. A good example is “Valley Of The Dead Witch” and its long guitar passage at the end.

There is also a good balance of fast and slow songs in “Dysciple of Steel.” Evil-Lÿn knew how to dose equally both. The same way bands did in the 1980s. To accomplish all that a band need to have a great drummer. Evil-Lÿn do have a great one.

Evil-Lÿn “Dysciple of Steel” will forge the steel on May 25th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Survive The Night
  2. Hellfire
  3. Last King Of Thunder
  4. Disciple Of Steel
  5. Tengel
  6. Iron On Iron
  7. Shadow Soldier
  8. Valley Of The Dead Witch

Watch “Tengel” official lyric video here: