Evil On Repeat – Mission to Rock

For all Green Day and whatever punks and wannabe punks, this is how real Punk Rock has to sound. Fast, furious, and angry spitting fire all over the place. Punk is never kind or sweet or even conformist. Punk Rock, the way I see it, has to be vicious and evil focusing on the inequalities that our sick society has. I really don’t believe in right winged punks. From where I’m standing it is a counter sense. I might even say an impossibility. I guess it is always possible a social critique as we don’t live in any bed of roses. Please, correct me if I’m wrong. The lighter it might be is a don’t even care attitude. No less than that. Evil On Repeat with “Mission to Rock” show us that the tradition is kept. That’s what tells us the track “I Don’t Care.”

By the title “Mission to Rock” the fan notices that Evil On Repeat are no regular Punk Rock band. I say that because there is no tradition of Punk bands to refer to the genre rock. As a matter of fact, many of them avoided the term. In terms of music, the band follows some Punk Rock traditions. Guitar solos are naive and simple most of times following the main melody. Vocals are acid and corrosive as the way they should be. The drumming and bass are correct giving the needed heavyness to the songs. But even Punk Rock bands deserve to try something else. Evil On Repeat do. Some tracks as “Pills” have a more elaborate intro with some keyboarding and things. Title track “Mission to Rock” is pretty exciting and earthshaking with a catchy and gluey chorus. A fun fact about the song is that it starts with the guitar riffing to later be added by the bass and drums and they stay separated until the end of the song. I don’t if it were only me. Following track “Eyes on You” has an elaborated guitar riffing in terms of Punk Rock which puts it near the border of being a crossover. Of course, high adrenaline and fast paced tracks are here for the fan’s sake as in “Fist Full of Me,” “Talk Is Cheap” and the aforementioned “I Don’t Care” which I guess gives the album personality. 

Long story short, Evil On Repeat bounce on adding some modern stuff to their music interwove by some more traditional things. Yeah, it’s not easy to be a Punk Rock band these days after Green Day.

Evil On Repeat “Mission to Rock” was released on January 22nd via Evil On Repeat Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Mission to Rock
  3. Eyes on You
  4. Fist Full of Me
  5. Jesus and Me
  6. Pills
  7. Talk Is Cheap
  8. I Don’t Care
  9. Fanny Pack
  10. Yesterday

Watch the animated video for “Pills” here: