Evil Warriors – Fall From Reality

“Fall From Reality” has a grand black metal style opening. Full of distortion, speed of light drumming and uncanny sounds. All of this leading to the harsh, straight ahead title track, “Fall From Reality.” Make no mistake, Evil Warriors are a tough and raw black metal band. But not exclusively old school, there are lots of modernity in it. Modernity in Evil Warriors means more distortion, more gutural and desperate voices, and sometimes some gentle guitars. Just sometimes, because the high level pounding goes on and on.

The title “Fall From Reality” could not be more precise to this effort. Evil Warriors seem to have been awaken from a bad dream and got in touch with the reality we have here. The song “Excess” means it all. Raw, dirty, pounding, and deliciously honest. There is nothing to hide for Evil Warriors. This band unviels it all it is possible to unveil. And they do it with the highest levels of musical aggression. I guess there is really no other way to do it. There are some moments of conscient musicial confusion, an instrument black metal bands know masterly how to deal. The venonish “Pilow of Cold Water” explains that better for me. I said venonish because there are some dashes of Venom in it. Little ones, but enough to perceive them. “Pilow of Cold Water” slows down a bit at the to provide us some more humane feelings. And they scare us. I mean, human condition scares the hell of us.

Vocals in Evil Warriors “Fall From Reality” keep the black metal faith. They are rough, not only rough, desperate, as I said before. Despair is the right word to unveil the message Evil Warriors want to pass it on. “Fall From Reality” is an effort that deals with all this anger within us. Moreover the anger and despair, there is a tiny feeling of deception. Disappointment I guess fits better. Life is disappointing in many ways. It does not matter where you are from, it does not matter where you live, life is full of disappointments. But there is always the other side, the other life as in “Reincarnation.” But could that be disappointing too? Make no mistake, it sure can.

Track Listing:

  1. Fall From Reality
  2. Excess
  3. Pillow Of Cold Water
  4. Reincarnation
  5. Idleness and Doom
  6. Mania and Passion
  7. Worthless Wretch
  8. All The Stars

Evil Warriors “Fall From Reality” will face reality on January 19th via War Anthem Records.

Watch “Shut and Die” video here: