Evildead – Toxic Grace Review

Thrash Metal has always been the political subgenre of Metal music and I guess Metal has been losing a lot with the withdraw of them forces. Of course, it’s not possible to establish a connection between both, but it’s always possible to speculate. Also Metal has lost a lot of its acid humor which used to be pretty corrosive for the established powers to be. Corrosive critiques are always welcome no matter whom the established powers to be are. Thrash Metal used to disrespect any of them. That’s the true spirit of Metal.

Well, here we have Evildead with their upcoming album “Toxic Grace,” which only by the tittle reinforces what I said before. The CD cover is also another contribution to maintain the spirit of Thrash Metal alive and kicking to the despair of all whom want a more gracious and futile Metal music. Musicwise, the band delivers influences from bands as Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, and, to some extent, Overkill. That means ultracorrosive guitar riffs with insane drumming and acid vocals. The thing is that somehow with the old formula Evildead manage to sound pretty fresh. I’d say that’s the thing that makes “Toxic Grace” stands out from the crowd. It’s an album with the old Thrash Metal sonancy, but with eyes for the modern days. Maybe, just maybe it’s the updated social critique. Of course, the neat production Steamhammer / SPV gave them helped a lot. Ironically, from all Extreme Metal styles, Thrash Metal is the one which suffers the most with lo-fi production.

“Toxic Grace” commences with the downpicking of “F.A.F.O.” one of the most 1980’s oriented tracks of the album. I liked a lot the guitar work given by the guitar duo Juan Garcia and Albert Gonzales. It’s pretty cohesive. Downpicking sounds easy to play, but, in fact, it’s not. A lot of attention is required. The way both flourish the track with their interventions is also to be praised. Thins het it up with the fast “Reverie,” a track to test drummer Rob Alaniz to check if he can take the heat. Well, he did. Thrash Metal is always better with tracks fast as hell as “Stupid on Parade,” for instance. It’s interesting how Evildead balance high speed velocity with cadenced moods. I’d say this would be the band’s stapler as it can be observed in almost all tracks from the album.

This is an album that will pleased not only thrash metallers, but also all metalheads that appreciate corrosive moods and high speed velocity.

Evildead “Toxic Grace” will be released on May 24th Steamhammer / SPV.

Track Listing:

  1. F.A.F.O.
  2. Reverie
  3. Raising Fresh Hell
  4. Stupid on Parade
  5. Subjugated Souls
  6. Bathe in Fire
  7. Poetic Omen
  8. World Ov Rats
  9. Fear Porn

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