Ex-AMON AMARTH Drummer Accuses His Former Bandmates Of Backstabbing And ‘Robbing’ Him Of His ‘Legacy’

Fredrik Andersson

Former AMON AMARTH drummer Fredrik Andersson has issued an “open latter” where he accuses his ex-bandmates for backstabbing him and “robbing” him of his “legacy” and his “chance of getting a decent pension for all that time and work” he put in.

“I have decided that for me to get closure, I need to address the things that bugs me, so I have come to the conclusion that if you answer me this one question I will be content with the answer and I will never bug you again,” Andersson wrote in a social media post.

“My question is; How was it intended to be? In talks with your lawyer he/you claimed that it was never intended that we should split evenly on everything. Despite the fact that was exactly the deal we had decided on.

“I mean, I know this claim. It is the same claim (then) our lawyer did when we almost lost 1/3 of the AMON AMARTH trademark after some of you signed a deal at least I wasn’t aware of,” he continued. “That time you said, if anything, the five of us should own those rights and I fought with you to get them back.

‘That I can understand, it was not intended that two fifths of the band and one outside sixth member should own 100% of the trademark.

“But regarding royalties and publishing we always said we’d share equally so if that was not the deal, how was it intended? Any leaving member loses his right, or only certain members? I wonder what the deal is when you give up the band I AM SURE NONE of you four will ever lose your rights. So it’s just the drummer? But then there are previous drummers who get to keep their rights, so is it just me?

“You’ve falsely claimed I never contributed musically even though I do believe the drumming is a vital part of the music and despite the fact that I wrote MANY guitar riffs,” Andersson added. “They were just rarely accepted, and that was fine with me cause we said we’d share equally ANYWAY.

“You’ve claimed crew members couldn’t work with me, this is a lie. You’ve claimed I wasn’t a good drummer, and ok, that’s your opinion. I know my legacy of live performance is still on Youtube and I’m proud of it. Also, if being a bad musician was criteria for getting to keep your rights or even being in the band, then surely more members would not be safe. You have also falsely indicated that I have myself to blame because I asked for too much. But I never asked for anything else than MY SHARE. Even back when you offered me more pay for handling web and social media, I declined.

“I never asked for any share of your amps or guitars, you were the ones who wanted to keep my drums and cymbals. Things I had gotten through personal endorsements. I didn’t even ask for a part of the trademark, even if one can argue that I helped build it up for 17 years and even helped to win it back for you.

“I am not bitter about not being in the band. We both know I was tired of the bullsh*t I had to take and getting fired was a relief in a way. I am bitter about the betrayal, the lies and that you have gone out of your way to backstab and talk sh*t about me. I am bitter that you’ve portrayed yourselves as the good guys while robbing me of my legacy, my 17 years and my chance of getting a decent pension for all that time and work I put in.

“So are you men or cowards? Explain to me how, according to you, it was intended to be? Let’s close this book. I’m pretty sure you have time for ‘drama’ at the moment.”

Andersson also addressed the issue in an Instagram post this past December after an old video of him performing with AMON AMARTH and included the following message: “If the band would have let me keep my share of the rights I would’ve gotten around $15000/year. Now instead they get that divided between them. So, god jul @amonamarth @amonjohan @amonted @amonsoderberg #olavimikkonen enjoy your millions and your ‘victory’. Hope it’s worth unfriending a colleague for 17 years. #ripoff #greedy #backstabbing #unfriend”