Ex-DIO Guitarist CRAIG GOLDY Says He Voted For DONALD TRUMP: He ‘Loves His Country’ And ‘Wants To Get Rid Of The Bulls**t’

Craig Goldy

Former DIO guitarist Craig Goldy says that he hopes President Donald Trump will “get a chance to really show people what he’s all about” because he believes that the billionaire real estate mogul “loves his country” and “wants to get rid of the bulls**t.”

Speaking about the the 45th president of the United States Of America, Goldy said during a wide-ranging interview with “The Metal Gods Meltdown”: “Donald Trump, he is a jackass, but at least he’s not owned by anybody. So that way when he walks into office, he’s not automatically having to operate under somebody else’s agenda other than his own. I think he gave us a bad sell job, but deep down inside, I think he really does wanna try to do something good. And same thing with poor [former president] Barack Obama — he walked into a good-old-boy situation, and they were not gonna let a black president solve all the problems that all the white idiots made, so they fought him tooth and nail.

“I love what [comedian] Chris Rock said: ‘George Bush screwed up so bad that a white president can’t even get elected.’ [Laughs]

“And nowadays, [Trump] is such a jackass, but he’s calling people on their s**t — he’s saying, ‘Look, you made a bad deal here,'” Goldy continued. “So the press is trying to make him sound like he’s shutting down all these good programs. No — what he’s trying to do is reorganize good programs, so that they are good programs and not just draining our economy, ’cause we’re helping all these other people and we’re not doing a damn thing for ourselves.”

Adding that he voted for TrumpGoldy went on to say: “I’m there — I’m hoping that someday he’ll get a chance to really show people what he’s all about. ‘Cause I really think, deep down inside, he really loves his country and he wants to make a change and he wants to get rid of the bulls**t. And he has got over two hundred years of bulls**t to clean up in four years. So God bless him.”