EX-MARILYN MANSON Keyboardist: KURT COBAIN Was ‘A Selfish Piece Of Sh*t’

Keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy, who was a member of MARILYN MANSON‘s band between 1989 and 2007,  criticized people who die by suicide like Kurt Cobain for hurting their families by leaving them behind yet again in a series of new Facebook comments.

He wrote:

“Called ‘the easy way out’ for a f****** reason dumbass… whatever you do, don’t kill yourself, that would break my f****** heart.”

“Please don’t prove me wrong and have the balls to stay alive and not hurt your family and friends.”

T.J. Zawsum commented, “Why do the feelings of one’s friends and family take precedence over one’s personal suffering? Who makes this call? For someone with such strong opinions about the subject, you’d think you might have given it more than the least amount of thought possible.”

Pogo responded, “Because you’re a selfish piece of s*** when you commit suicide, and you hurt other people without caring…. Because you care more about yourself. It also leads to more suicides in your immediate family and among your circle of friends. Now if you are suffering from cancer, euthanasia might be a good idea. But suicide is generally a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And if you have the money to afford medical treatment, get it, don’t tell me Rockstar’s don’t have that kind of f****** money? And I speak from experience asshole… I went and got help, and you’re getting blocked you f*ck head!”

“Caring about other people at least as much (if not more?) than yourself is an integral part of being a decent human being… particularly when those people are your friends and family.”

“I’m not trying to promote some selfless altruism, because that is basically a myth. However, I am trying to promote our interconnectivity, and how important it is for others to have us… just as us to have them.”

“I have thought long and hard about this, on many occasions. Both from my own internal previously suicidal point of view, and from the external view of having friends who committed suicide… and while I understand that people suffering from mental illness can sometimes not make the proper decisions, I too often find other people making excuses, people who have never actually been there. Because for some reason, people want to make romantic reasons for tragic events.”

“And let’s remember: if you want to die… don’t worry, you eventually will.”

“And sure, I’m being snarky and provocative and a total dick, because I’m tired of all these suicide apologists. Clearly, coddling suicidal people and glorifying suicides has not helped the problem all that much. Not that you shouldn’t be compassionate to those who feel depressed and suicidal, quite the opposite, you need to let them know how important they are, but you also need to let them know how they really shouldn’t do this to other people.”

“Getting back to Kurt and Chris [Cornell] and Chester [Bennington]: how come there were no calls to 911 or a suicide hotline? It’s like they didn’t even f****** try… now perhaps that means that they were afraid of looking like they were weak because they made a call for help, which is often true with men… but how do you think suicide makes you look? It makes you look weak as f***.”

“Ultimately, on a simple level, suicide is like littering: it’s easy, it’s convenient, you don’t have to worry, let someone else clean it up, ‘f*** the world it’s not my problem’… what does this one little piece of garbage mean?”