Ex-NECROPHOBIC Bassist Slams His ‘So-Called Brothers’ For Firing Him: ‘I Have No Words For This’

Photo credit: Jens Ryden

This past Thursday, NECROPHOBIC have announce the departure with bassist Alexander Friberg.

Band said in a statement: “NECROPHOBIC have decided to part ways with Alexander Friberg due to several reasons. We thank him for great times together and wish him the best in the future with his other obligations in NAGLFAR and his main band FIRESPAWN.

Friberg has later announced the statement on his personal Facebook page, saying: “Nothing lasts forever! It is with sorrow in my heart I make this announcement. I have been a part of NECROPHOBIC for 11 years now but my so called ‘brothers’ decided to fire me and replace me with the guy who is session for me during my time-out.

“I have no words for this really. Very nice of you guys… Now that is how you treat a band member since 11 years. Replace me with a guy who did 5 shows with you, ok… On the positive note is that I will have more time to focus on FIRESPAWN and NAGLFAR and to be home with my family, so I win! Life goes on.”

NECROPHOBIC‘s latest studio album, Mark of the Necrogram, was released on February 23, 2018 via Century Media Records.

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