Exanimatvm – Sollvm Ipsa Mor Review

Most fans may think I’m an Encyclopaedia Metallum of knowledge about Metal music.  Ok, not so much. I research about metal as an independent scholar and I’ve been reading a lot about this kind of music we all love so much. Despite all that, there are some Metal trends and styles I actually don’t understand much. By I don’t understand much I mean they are not so dear to me as I had very few or no contact with them before joining this prestigious Metal media. Funeral Doom Metal is one of them. To be completely honest with you my dear fan to listen to all Funeral Doom Metal bands isn’t in my bucket list. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule and Exanimatvm with “Sollvm Ipsa Mor” is one of them, however, I’m not that sure that the band and the album may be recognized as Funeral Doom Metal. Analysing “Sollvm Ipsa Mor’s” traits with more details may give us a hint if this is right or wrong.

Ok, so let’s go, shall we?

First of all, “Sollvm Ipsa Mor’s” is composed of only four tracks. Then, naturally, the first question pops up. Is it an EP or an album with long tracks? Good question, my dear fan. It’s an album with long tracks. Actually, “Magna Veritas,” the grand finale, is the longest with about 12 minutes long;  “Sollvm Ipsa Mor o La Voraz Antítesis del Cosmos” the shortest with about six minutes long. That per se checks out for most Doom Metal albums. Second of all, the cavernous and dark vocals do fit on Funeral Doom. Just check “Chskl o En las Misteriosas Profundidades de Tkoyuska” to get what I mean. Some may say it’s Death Metal but I disagree from the top of the so many bands I’ve heard here. Ok, both check out. So, now the controvertial bullet points of the album that are the instrumentals and the cadence. All tracks have varied cadence and instrumentals. As the tracks are long Exanimatvm cleverly opted for having them as varied as possible. However, there are still many moments where them sound pretty doomy. Varying the instrumentals give the fans more opportunities to get to know what the band has to offer. Still, the essence of the tracks are Funeral Doom Metal, if you know what I mean. Check the intro to “Magna Veritas” and tell me what you feel, my dear child of the night. Isn’t it Doom enough? In fact, I feel that its roots are based on 1980s classics.

“Sollvm Ipsa Mor” changed my mind. Funeral Doom Metal has much more to offer than I was used to. As I said before, I love to be proven wrong.

Track Listing:

  1. En las Negras Aguas de Atélily
  2. Sollvm Ipsa Mor o La Voraz Antítesis del Cosmos
  3. Chskl o En las Misteriosas Profundidades de Tkoyuska
  4. Magna Veritas

Watch “Sollvm Ipsa Mor o La Voraz Antítesis del Cosmos” official video here: