Exarsis – New War Order

It is rather stunning as well as completely embarrassing that a band of the quality of Exarsis could release an epic thrash album in 2017, New War Order, along with three previous releases every couple years dating back to 2011 and I was completely unaware. Yes shame on me, I hope others are more well informed than I. My apologies lads.

That said hold onto your hats kiddies as Exarsis, for those not familiar, are an old school sounding thrash outfit hailing from Greece who are well worthy of straining your neck for. From jump street on the opener Zionism (The Reaping)this new long play blasts you in the kisser and doesn’t let up for the next 40 minutes with pure unadulterated thrash metal. A thunderous heavy metal onslaught ticking all the boxes. As mentioned I am late to the Exarsis party but am happy to finally have arrived. For comparison Exarsis is for fans of quintessential thrashers such as Anthrax, Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Mercyful Fate, Vio-Lence, Exodus and Overkill to name a few from the past. Exarsis reminds me of a newer band In Vain as well who too proudly carry the thrash torch.

Vocalist Nick Tragakis is such a refreshing addition to the genre with his soaring highs and wailing screams. A very unique and fitting set of pipes that compliments the proficient playing of guitarists Kostis and Tony that I can only assume swap rhythmic duties for the technical proficiency of the lead work which you can not help but want to start a pit in your front room. To fully compliment the backbone of the band is well handled by bassist Chris for which we hear ample period played bottom end and skin destruction by Achilles that has one wonder if he doesn’t have a third arm tucked away and possibly a spare leg to create the fills and quads we hear throughout the LP.

Current favorites are the video track General Guidance and HAARP Weapon. But of course there is nothing but killer and nary any filler to be found here. Do yourself a solid and check these guys out, I can’t imagine you’d be disappointed.


Vocals: Nick Tragakis
Bass: Chris Poulos
Guitars: Kostis Foukarakis
Guitars: Tony Lambrakis
Drums: Achilles Kamzolas

Track List:

01 – Zionism (The Reaping)
02 – Twisted Logic
03 – The Underground
04 – General Guidance
05 – Just Buried
06 – Chaos Creation
07 – Prophet For Profit
08 – Combined Disasters
09 – HAARP Weapon
10 – Human Project

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“General Guidance” official video:

Preview New War Order in its entirety here:

New War Order released October 20th 2017 on MDD Records